The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are nested in the western region of Canada and spans more than 3,000 miles between the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. It consists of several breath-taking ice-capped peaks, beautiful alpine lakes, waterfalls, and wild life.

The Canadian Rockies consist of a collection of provincial and national parks that make up the Unesco World Heritage Site. All together the Canadian Rockies contain 5 national parks in total. The Icefields Parkway, known to be one of the most attractive and charming roads to drive on earth, connects Jasper and Banaff National Parks. The quaint local towns that surround these parks are clean and alluring and a popular draw for those seeking adventurous outdoor activities such as rafting and hiking.

One of the most massive mountains in the region is the outstanding Mount Robson. It is the highest point of the Canadian Rockies and is located in Mount Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia. It has an Elevation of 12,972 feet.

Mount Robson - Canadian Rocky Mountains - British Columbia
Mount Robson – Canadian Rocky Mountains – British Columbia
Canadian Rockies - Alberta, Canada
Canadian Rockies – Alberta, Canada

If you are touring the Canadian Rockies, one of the “must-see” attractions hands-down would be the Glacier Sky-walk, located in Jasper National Park. A true sight to see. Experience breath-taking views, waterfalls and wild life. and get your adrenaline flowing by talking a stroll on a cliff-edge walking path that has a glass platform where you can look down 1000 feet below. Beneath is a paradise of flowing water and glacier filled valleys. It is by far an experience like no other.


While visiting the Glacier Skywalk you can sign up for the park tour which consists of exhibits and events. Educate yourself on the ancient history of the area and discover fossils that show forms of life from thousands of years ago. There are many tour guides to register for. So if you would like to be further educated about the birds or animals of the area, or perhaps a embark on a learning experience on the construction of the sky walk observation deck.

No matter what your mountainous adventures may be, The Canadian Rockies have plenty of outdoor activities to last a lifetime.

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