An Article from Candy Canadiana, The Unofficial Ambassador of Canada…

This article was donated to our site by the one and only Candy Canadiana herself!

Candy Canadiana
Candy Canadiana

My name is Candy Canadiana.  I am the unofficial Ambassador of Canada and have an award winning YouTube series, called, “What’s Up Canuck?” I love to drink lots of maple syrup, as you can see in this 2 part series here:

I like to go tobogganing.

and sometimes I get myself in a little trouble, like that time I rode a Zamboni.

My country is a magical place & I want you to know all about it! Did you know that a Canadian invented basketball? His name was James Naismith. He was born to Scottish immigrants in Canada and created basketball to give his Phys Ed students in Springfield, Massachusetts a sport to play inside during the winter!

Did you know Canada has the longest coastline in the whole world! It’s 151,600 miles. Someday, I hope to snowshoe all around it. Okay, that’s not true. I do not have plans to snowshoe all around it. Canadians aren’t very good at lying either.

Did you know that Canadians also invented the electronic organ, insulin, the snowmobile, the electron microscope, the electric cooking range and Amy Rivard. She’s my favourite singer/songwriter/actress. I will tell you all about her in another article! And yes we spell favourite with a U in it!

Did you know that Canada was the third country in the world to allow same-sex marriage, after the Netherlands and Belgium? That’s pretty cool, eh?!

These are just a few little tidbits about my country that I think make it special. I’ll tell you more later but I’m really craving some little tidbits of fried doughnuts called Timbits. Another thing that makes my country amazing & delicious!

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