Maple Syrup, A Delicious Canadian Tradition…

Along with fast food, cola and cereal with milk, a product which is a crucial ingredient in many delicious breakfast and desert favorites is maple syrup.  Treats such as seasoned crepes, pancakes, muffins, toast, and most anything made with flour, either contain maple syrup as part of their recipe, or taste great when added as a dressing on top.

The fact that Canada is replete with maples that produce juice that the level of sweetness is not inferior honey and sugar, was first mentioned in the middle of the XIX century. However, earlier data indicate that similarly sweet varieties of trees that grow in the southwest of the country and in some US states have used the Indians before Columbus visit to these lands.

Maple syrup – a traditional Canadian treat, which is made by boiling maple sap sugar and black maples. This tasty treat is a symbol of Canada. It has a beautiful amber color, great taste, but also benefits the body.

Maple syrup is used in the production of desserts, baking corn bread, cakes and pastries. It can be used as a sauce for waffles or pancakes, it may include the various toppings, ice cream with pure maple syrup is also popular.

In addition, it is used for cooking meat dishes.

Benefits of this product syrop maple stretches back to pre-Columbian times. The Indians used the juice as a source of maple sugar.

After the discovery of America by Europeans picked up the technology, but in the late 18th century, production began to decline due to turbulent production of sugar cane.

There are 3 types of maple goodies: AA, A and C. They differ saturation and sharpness of flavor. Type “C” will have a dark brown color, distinctive bright flavor and high sugar content.

It will be good experience woody notes. Type “AA” – on the contrary, the most gentle of the three brands, light and very gentle. Type “A” – intermediate between the marks “AA” and “C”.

There is another classification – on producing countries, Canadian and American syrups. They differ in density and transparency and some different nuances in preparation technology. Maple syrup can be purchased on farms in Canada.

Maple syrup produced in the provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario and almost 80% in French-speaking Quebec.

Traveling Canada should be sure to visit the so-called “maple syrup farm.” Where you talk about the history of syrup and secrets, learn how to make maple syrup and you can taste business card odrazhu Canada. Including :

1) “White Meadows farms” in Ontario.

2) “Maple orchard farm” in Bracebridge, Ontario.

3) “Sand road farm” in Moose Creek, Ontario.

4) “Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm” in Muskok and others

Canadian Maple Farm

Canadian Maple Farm

Fresh Maple Syrup
Fresh Maple Syrup


For more information regarding Maple syrpu, Check out these 2 part videos from Candy Canadiana (Canada’s unofficial Ambassador)

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