A New York Student’s First Trip to University of Toronto

After  many sleepless nights, and extra consultation to my teachers, tiresome research, finally my dream came true…I completed my high school education and got a scholarship program to study at the University of Toronto in Canada. I was filled with joy and excitement but was nervous as well… Being a life time New Yorker, I haven’t ventured away from my local area other than a few vacations… But this was something more. I would be not only going away to college and living on my own, but in a total different environment – a different country. Although I am told the Canadian lifestyle is very similar to what I was used to, I am still a bit apprehensive and nervous about the transition ahead.

My journey began on an early August morning. A reliable car service picked me up and drove me to JFK airport in New York City which is actually quite a distance from my area of residence. I enjoyed a comfortable ride in the car where I got to collect all of my thoughts as the reality started to kick in. This was it for me, a new life, a new education, new career goals to be reached, meeting new people, the excitement was overwhelming.

As we approached the airport I told the driver to drop me off at Air Canada which was the most highly recommended Arline for my destination per my research. I was actually early for my flight, so I checked my bags and waited to board the plane.  I have to admit the flight was really amazing, I was treated like a king and the flight staff was extremely accommodating. I was one of the best air travelling experiences I have had. The plane’s interior was new and modern. Upon arrival at Billy Bishop City Airport in Ontario, I chose to call for an Uber car service. Uber is an international company and have some really have amazing deals and friendly drivers. So off I went up to the University of Toronto.  I am just out of words to describe that feeling at that moment when I realized really hard work pays.

University of Toronto
University of Toronto

I am hoping that my story is relevant to anyone who wishes follow their dreams and choose to go away to college.  Or if you are simply planning a trip from New York City to Canada then I hope your experience is as great as mine.

This article was donated to us from an anonymous student of the University of Toronto.

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